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Riley's blog

12 1/2 year old German Shorthair Pointer

Riley's blog

Eleven days after surgery

May 7th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Things are progressing very well.  She seems a little more solid on her three legs, and can move pretty fast – intermittently.  Thursday and Friday were low energy  days, and she slept a lot.  Much more alert today, and she is looking around from her comfy spot of her bed.  Riley’s staples come out tomorrow, which will be great for all of us.

We are still having trouble keeping her entertained and quiet.  The snuggle mat continues to be a big hit, and we fill it for her several times a day.  Riley gets an outing in her stroller every morning, and I think that she is starting to look forward to these little trips.

On the 18th, Riley has her first chemo appointment.  We don’t know what to expect from that.  Any pointers, folks?

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  • LauraD

    Chemo can have such a spectrum of effects on our puppers – My girl had ZERO side effects – I hope yours has such luck. xo

  • jerry

    Sorry I just saw this now. I’m glad to hear she’s getting her sparkle back. And well I think today was her first appointment right? I hope it went well. Watch for signs of nausea and lack of appetite. It’s not too common but it does happen. Be sure to have a package of anti-nausea meds like Cerenia on hand so you’re prepared.

    Keep us posted oK?

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